Welcome to JEDI-Editor: an OpenSource Editor for programmers (written in  Delphi)

About JEDI-Editor

The JEDI-Editor is an editor for programmers, written in Delphi, and released as OpenSource under  Mozilla Public License (MPL).  

It has highlighters for many programming languages, macro recording facility, code templates, and several other useful features.


Current / Open Issues

Converting to JVCL components

December 2002

- Release

December 1999

- Riceball started development

Contact and Support

The JEDI-Editor is built by the community, but more importantly, for the community. Therefore we would like to hear from you. If you have any problems, comments or suggestions we would appreciate it if you would drop us a note. There are several ways to get in contact with us:

  • You can submit a bug or feature request via our Bug Tracker

  • If you want to keep up to date about JEDI-Editor then you can join the JEDI-Editor mailing list  


Mailing List Purpose
jediedit-general for JEDI-Editor users 
jediedit-deve private list for JEDI-Editor developers
jediedit-cvs for CVS commits notifications


Forums Purpose
Help  for Help and Support issues
Open Discussion  general JEDI-Editor topics


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Newsgroups Purpose
Help  for Help and Support issues
Open Discussion  general JEDI-Editor topics



The "JEDI Editor "and all its components are released AS IS. No warranty is implied and Project JEDI is not responsible for any problems that might arise from the use of the software. You use it entirely at your own risk. Read more about our MPL License...

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